Al-Qarah or Al-Garah (Arabic: القارة‎) is a village in Al-Ahsa in Saudi Arabia. Al-Qarah is well known for its small mountain and caves Jabl Al-Qarah. Al-Qarah is one of Al-Ahsa’s eastern villages and is located about 10 km from Al-Hofuf.

Jabl Al-Qarah (Arabic = جبل القارة, which means mountain of Al-Qarah) is a mesa that stands about 75 meters (246 ft) above Al-Qarah village. It has many caves with very cool air inside. Unlike many caves, these were formed by subaerial weathering rather than dissolution, and as a result, have a highly distinctive shape. The mountain attracts many people especially from nearby villages and has been targeted for additional tourist development. Although there are no other hills for a considerable distance, Jabl Al-Qarah is an outlier of the larger Shedgum Plateau.


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